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  • Dr. Malcarney is a wonderful doctor. I appreciated the time she spent explaining my issue and possible solutions. I ended up getting surgery and 1 year later, pain free! I recommend her to my friends and colleagues.
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  • I had total shoulder replacement Jan 2012, Dr. Malcarney is the best! Totally comfortable with her, trust her unconditionally, very caring and shares information about condition and treatment. Had been seeing her for 2 1/2 years for shoulder pain, she did all possible for me before surgery such as: ...
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  • Dr Malcarney is one of the best surgeons I have ever met. Even the staff at the surgery center told me if they had to have the surgery that I was having that they would go to Dr. Malcarney. Superior professional with dynamic skills.
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  • A warm caring and concerned doctor
    Dr Malcarney is allows attentive and is truly concerned about what is going on with her patients. I have the utmost confidence in her as my doctor.
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  • I would definitely recommend Dr Malcarney
    I researched Dr Malcarney and was very impressed with her experience. She did an outstanding job on repairing my shoulder. So glad I picked her and she had the time to help me.
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  • Time tested
    I am a semi-retired mental health professional. Two years ago this month Dr. Malcarney performed arthroscopic repair of my very seriously injured right shoulder. Before the surgery all but the most minimal use of my right arm had been lost. Her manner throughout the surgery planni...
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  • Taking care of my shoulder for years
    Dr, Malcarney has been looking after my shoulder and now shoulders for years. She takes the time to look at the big picture and is one of the wonderful doctors that treats me as an individual and not the MRI or test results. She looks at my activity level,...
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  • Dr. MalCarney is an excellent surgeon, and is a pleasure to work with. She has shown professionalism in all areas. I highly recommend her to anybody requiring any kind of shoulder surgery. Her office staff were very professional, and displayed the utmost courtesy.
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  • She is a wonderful kind and informative dr. She is courteous and respectful of your time.
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  • I had a severe shoulder injury from an accident years ago and began to have unbearable pain. Dr Malcarney replaced the shoulder and I have had absolutely no pain since that day. I highly recommend her always.
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