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  • to start, the staff is friendly east to work with and welcoming. the doctor is extremely knowledgeable and works to create a plan that works best for you. i have heard of many success story’s post surgery. Dr. Malcarney is my choice for my shoulder surgery without a doubt.
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  • Dr. Malcarney personifies what it means to be a great doctor.
    Not only is she one of the most amazing surgeons, she also is genuinely a wonderful, kind, caring person who truly cares about all of her patients.
    If you are in need of surgery or consultation, she has earned the highest re...
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  • Dr. Malcarney is nothing short of AMAZING. I needed both shoulders "fixed". First the right shoulder was done with a "Total Reverse" then 14 weeks later the left shoulder with a new "Blended Total Reverse" (using VR goggles) technique resulting in even faster surgery and easier recovery.
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  • The office staff is very nice and helpful. Dr Malcarney is wonderful to work with also understand your needs to help you achieve them. I was referred by a great friend of ours that has lived in Reno for over twenty years. She said she was a great doctor and after going to her for two years. I now ag...
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  • Dr. Hilary Malcarney did a total left shoulder replacement last year and a total right shoulder replacement this year! She did an awesome job! I had very little pain and my range and motion is great! She is the best shoulder doctor in Nevada hands down!
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  • Dr. Malcarney performed a total shoulder replacement for me several years ago. Did a wonderful surgery. complete mobility, no complication, excellent movement!! I now live in Oregon and my other shoulder is starting to fail :( I haven't come close to finding as qualified surgeon and highly recommen...
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  • D. MalCarney was recommended by my daughter’s father in law. I lie that she is straight forward and no BS. I would recommend her to anyone that would be needing a shoulder surgery.
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  • I recently had a appointment for a 2nd opinion with Dr. Malcarney (first time visit).
    First of all, they have a very pleasant and attentive staff. I witnessed an elderly woman walk in without an appointment asking for help. The young woman at the window was extremely kind and sweet to her and...
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  • Most best talented surgeon I’ve ever had
    She is very informative for me helped me understand procedures
    If you gots to have sholder surgery I Highly recommend her to anybody. This is my fourth surgery on the same shoulder. And it already feels better than the rest.
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  • Very personal. I feel very comfortable with her doing my surgery. Had a great conversation with her.
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